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Cooking with Vibra presents Cooking with Creativity

  • Mar Azul Mal Pais Costa Rica (map)

Tired of the same pasta every week? Lettuce and arugula are not the only leaves you can eat.

Each "Cooking with Creativity" class is completely unique from the next.

In this 3 hour class, you will:

  • Be spontaneous & improvise with Vibra Cocina's chefs.
  • Learn how to make an assortment of dishes. Options can include: salads, quick sauces, classic soups (cold and hot), sautés, stews, oven-baked foods, and some raw items.
  • Have fun while cooking delicious food. You will make 3-4 things.
  • Practice simple and fast cooking techniques to put more rainbow on your plate.
  • Start the process from scratch as a team, and figure out what to make with an assortment of fruits, veggies, grains and nuts.
  • Learn how to add flavor and creativity to your classic homemade recipes.
  • Find ways to open your culinary mind to create a new masterpiece every time you come to the kitchen to cook.
It’s very easy to copy a recipe... the best cooks are the ones who can improvise and create something new and delicious without fear. 

Classes are:
1 class for $70
3 classes for $190
4 classes for $250

Includes all materials, groceries, shopping & of course, you get to eat the food!


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