a high vibe vegan kitchen.


Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Private Events, Catering & Cooking Classes


We do vegan differently.

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WE'LL Customize OUR MENU JUST for youR NEEDS.

Whether you're hosting a detox yoga retreat or a jungle themed wedding, we will craft a menu specifically for you. We cook for any event, be it a teacher training, a party of your closest friends, or a special occasion.

We have the most creative, plant-based menu you've ever seen.

We never make the same thing twice and the average meat-eater will be so amazed by our recipes that they won't even realize that our menu is completely meat, dairy, and egg free! 

we provide gourmet food with fun-loving service.

No pretense here. Our chefs have over 20 years of experience combined providing amazing service without ego.


Food brings us to life.

Our Offerings
We can cook for any event.
  Weddings, retreats, yoga teacher trainings, house parties, corporate events, excursions and more.
We offer cooking workshops and classes that will bring all of your favorite humans together around amazing, healthy food!
Sample Menu

vegan is the future.

vegan Pop-Ups

Santa Teresa, Costa Rica


Our pop ups are off-season! 

but we are available for private events.


WhatsApp +1-310-963-9545 to reserve a private event.

Team Vibra



I came to Santa Teresa end of 2016. Here, I became a vegan, for the love of animals, mother Earth & our body temple (I was vegetarian for 8 years). A chef since 16, I cooked in the best restaurants in Buenos Aires & all over South America. #ChefLife is not just about the love of cooking - it’s a passion that comes from within, to make people happy through what we serve. By fate, I met Rima & Russ. We joined forces & together we are Vibra Cocina. We love what we do & we love healing the world.



I'm a California native, Santa Teresa resident since 2012. I'm a passionate entrepreneur who helps Vibra Cocina run smoothly. My background as a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, a manager of a yoga retreat center and vegan restaurant and a health-driven yoga teacher provides pricely insight for crafting your menu. I'm an advocate for all things vegan, natural and herbal. I host a podcast and I love to surf. I don't take myself seriously and I love people that can laugh at themselves, be in the moment and have fun.



I was lured here from England by the waves, but I soon fell in love with the lush jungle, beautiful beaches and array of organically grown, local, fresh foods that were available. I've worked with some of the best chefs in the area, created my private catering company and now Vibra Cocina. I couldn’t be more excited. My personal journey has led me to being an advocate for plant-based, vegan cuisine and I look forward to sharing my culinary delights with you.